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May 16, 2016

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Retail decision makers want innovative technology with a significant, long-term return on investment. Re-evaluating your facility’s lighting system is one of the most straightforward ways to achieve significant cost savings on energy and maintenance, in addition to a more attractive, appealing store space. And it’s important to have a trusted partner to help you bring a significant lighting upgrade to life.


An Example

By taking stock of its total lighting system, a major U.S. retail supermarket chain took advantage of the layers of light during a recent upgrade. The store installed new lighting solutions for its ambient and accent lighting, its cold storage lighting, and its outdoor and signage lighting—a project that delivered more than $235,000 in combined annual energy and maintenance savings.*


* Project included the following: 450 32-watt LFL bulbs were replaced with 28- watt T8 lamps; 400-watt HIDs were replaced with 210-watt HIDs; 1,000-watt HIDs were replaced with 270-watt HIDs; and 45 75-watt halogen lamps were replaced with 10-watt PAR30 LEDs. Calculations are based on a $.09 kWh electricity rate and 12 hours use per day. The environmental impact was significant as well:


3.8 million pounds of emissions per year were eliminated; that's the equivalent of 490 acres of trees or 350 cars off the road.


Lighting Calculations

There’s no doubt that lighting, as a whole, is a complex process. But there are a few simple calculations that you can use to evaluate some lighting basics in your facility. Lumens can be calculated as such:

Lumen's equation

Your facility’s footcandle average can be calculated like so:

lumens over area in square feet equals foot candle average.


Explore what’s possible with smart LED and other technologies for retail with Current, powered by GE.

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