Partner Profile: Cartegraph

December 6, 2016

Building High-Performance Government with Powerful Infrastructure Data and Services.

The Cartegraph and Current, powered by GE partnership empowers local government agencies to access powerful infrastructure data in real-time - providing users the information they need to build smart, sustainable cities.  


Who is Cartegraph?


Cartegraph is in the business of building high-performance government. They offer services and software to help local government agencies manage infrastructure assets effectively, deploy money and resources efficiently, and become more productive for the benefit of their citizens. For more than 20 years, Cartegraph has helped cities and counties across the country capture data, analyze it, and prepare for the future.


Cartegraph + Current, powered by GE


Cities manage millions—sometimes billions—of dollars in infrastructure assets every day and their greatest challenge is efficiently maintaining those investments. Combined with Current, powered by GE’s CityIQ video data, Cartegraph offers local governments real-time asset data that proactively works for them. City officials can now provide remote asset inspections and dispatch crews to the exact coordinates with the right tools—all without leaving the office. Additionally, city officials are able to monitor traffic trends to more accurately predict asset lifecycles, plan for future work, or assign response teams.


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