Hendersonville Provides Speedy Delivery

October 19, 2016

A re-engineered and re-imagined plant now reduces fulfillment and delivery times up to 80%.


GE has invested millions to make the existing Hendersonville, North Carolina, manufacturing plant more efficient—all so you can get your products faster. Overall, GE invested $35 million in process flow and Lean Six Sigma techniques to completely streamline the operation. The results say mission accomplished:


Rapid 10-day shipments

Instead of waiting 6–8 weeks just for your products to ship, you wait only 10 days. That’s an 80% faster shipment time.


95% of products ship on time

We do everything we can to get all our products out the door in 10 days. However, some products take longer to ship. But, rest assured, 95–98% of all our products ship on or before the expected date.


Same, efficient distribution network

Once our products are shipped, the Hendersonville plant uses the exact distribution network as other GE facilities. This ensures that we can ship a variety of products to different locations. But, most importantly, this ensures fast delivery.


3,000 products daily

Our redesigned plant produces and ships 3,000 HID and LED lighting systems each day on average.


Get more and get it faster

With increased efficiencies, GE can produce and ship more products faster. This gives us the opportunity to serve your needs, no matter how big or how small, faster and more efficiently.

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