Current + IMS Evolve

March 7, 2018


Who is IMS Evolve?

The IMS Evolve IoT solution has been proven at scale in the world's leading food retailers for over a decade.  Utilizing the IMS Evolve IoT Solution, we can tap into the available data locked within legacy machines and newly available data through Current powered by GE’s data aggregation platform, Daintree. By integrating it with supply chain and merchandising systems as well as the fridge control systems in real time, not only can energy consumption be reduced, but a higher quality product can be achieved, resulting in a better customer experience.   IMS Evolve delivers simplicity and consistency through one single view of the cold chain, with a pragmatic approach to reducing waste, assuring high quality produce for customers and continuing to deliver new benefits year after year. 


The Problem

Food Retailers are challenged with effective cold chain management ensuring quality of product and customer experience after the purchase.  Effectively  managing that process from supply chain through purchase can be very expensive as it relates to energy management costs, labor, maintenance and other factors that can put a large burden on a food retailers profitability


IMS Evolve + Current, powered by GE

IMS Evolve and Current combine our expertise to deliver an integrated solution leveraging Current’s data aggregation platform (Daintree) with IMS Evolve IOT solution for cold chain management.  Leveraging the Daintree platform within the site to reduce energy costs through lighting control and sensor data aggregation combined with IMS’s ability to integrate data from existing  energy, supply chain and merchandising systems provides the retailer with visibility and automation to improve food quality, customer experience and operate more profitably.




•Process Automation
•Cost savings
•Performance Improvement
•Complete visibility


Resulting in:

•Improved profitability
•Improve food quality and customer experience
•Reduced food loss and waste
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