New Model Savings at KIA AutoSport

August 8, 2016

KIA AutoSport with GE LED Outdoor Lighting

Our Customer

When Monroe Lee, owner of KIA AutoSport, began design on a new KIA dealership in Columbus, GA., he decided to investigate lighting solutions that delivered bright, high-quality light while helping to reduce energy consumption in one of the facility's key areas: dealer lots.


"We tried to use energy-saving techniques throughout the whole design of this new dealership, which included energy-efficient lighting fixtures and timers to control when the lights are on," said Lee, whose other KIA dealerships use traditional metal halide high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures.


The Expectation

Before construction began on the new facility, Lee met with Georgia Power, his electric utility partner to discuss outdoor lighting options. Georgia Power recommended outdoor LED lighting as a good solution for providing both energy savings and the desired quality of light needed to showcase Lee's 350-vehicle inventory.

Our Solution

After reviewing lighting options, Lee chose GE's Evolve LED Area Lights recommended by Georgia Power for their reduced energy consumption, long rated life and sleek design. Sixty-nine 202-watt Evolve LED Area Lights were mounted on 30 25-foot poles, with a combination of one, two and four fixture mountings per pole. GE's outdoor LED lighting fixtures at KIA AutoSport have a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4000K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 70.


Results & Benefits

“Georgia Power completed installation of the GE LED lighting in July 2012, and I have been amazed at the difference in the lighting compared to my other dealerships,” Lee said. “The light is spread uniformly around the facility without the high and low spots you often see in parking lots.” 

GE's exclusive optical ring design efficiently directs light without wasteful and unwelcome light spill into neighboring properties. 

“The new LED lighting showcases the cars individually, and really highlights the color of the vehicles on the lot,” continued Lee. “Plus, GE's thin Evolve lighting fixtures have a more elegant look compared to bulky metal halide fixtures.” 

By more efficient use of the light they produce, LED lighting is designed to deliver significant reductions in energy usage and maintenance costs when compared to HID and other technologies, which Lee is noticing at his new Columbus location. 

“When compared to a similarly sized dealership that I built five years ago using metal halide fixtures, it appears I'm saving between 20-33 percent on energy costs as a result of the LED lighting,” Lee explained. “Plus, I have had no maintenance with the light fixtures since installation a year ago. That was one of the main selling features that put me over the edge. If everything continues to operate smoothly, I anticipate using this same outdoor LED lighting in the remodel of my other KIA dealership locations.”


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