Partner Profile: Teem

November 28, 2016

Partnership Puts an End to Empty Meeting Rooms.


Teem’s meeting room management and analytics software uses occupancy information from intelligent fixtures from Current, powered by GE, to automatically cancel meeting room reservations when no one is in attendance.



Who is Teem?


Teem is a SaaS platform offering meeting tools and workplace analytics to improve how people, places and technology work together. Thousands of successful companies around the world, including Airbnb, MGM Grand, Palantir and Mozilla, use Teem to optimize their workspaces, save millions, and help employees work more efficiently. The Salt Lake City-based startup, originally known as EventBoard, has raised over $20 million in capital. 


Teem + Current, powered by GE


Teem and Current, powered by GE, are empowering companies to make more efficient use of their meeting spaces – and to cut down on employee frustrations around meetings – by ending room reservations tied to unattended meetings.

In addition to automated room reservation cancellations, the partnership also allows customer companies to access their organization's real-time meeting room occupancy data from within the Teem platform, providing a more accurate, holistic view of how the office is functioning.


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