Partner Profile: StreetLight Data

January 11, 2017

How Does your Community Move?


Maximize the potential of your connected city’s sensor network. Use Big Data to understand travel patterns anywhere in your community.



Who is StreetLight Data?



StreetLight Data makes it easy and intuitive to use Big Data for transportation and urban planning. We transform trillions of location data points from mobile devices into analytics that describe travel patterns. With our easy-to-use online platform, StreetLight InSight®, you can design, visualize, and download custom mobility metrics in minutes. StreetLight InSight is powered by our proprietary, algorithmic Route Science® technology. It processes historical, anonymous location data with contextual and demographic data sources to describe the way communities move.


StreetLight Data + Current, powered by GE


StreetLight Data and Current, powered by GE are teaming up to provide communities with rich travel pattern analytics. Our connected solution leverages Big Data to expand the footprint of connected cities’ sensor network and Current's CityIQ IoT platform. To do this, StreetLight Data incorporates sensors’ counts into the StreetLight InSight platform. These counts are used to calibrate the trip data that StreetLight Data derives from trillions of mobile devices. This allows cities to automatically obtain accurate count estimates for any location in their community – even locations without sensors – without extra data entry or statistical analysis. Blending sensor data with contextual data sets via StreetLight InSight also enhances counts with rich demographic, trip purpose, and origin-destination analytics. 


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