Partner Profile: Shotspotter

May 15, 2016

Precise Data. Effective Action.

GIF Credits: SST INC.


Safer Cities Begin with Current CityIQ™ IoT Platform and ShotSpotter™ Technology


Who is Shotspotter?


SST, Inc. is the global leader in gunfire detection and location technology, providing scalable and reliable gunfire alert and analysis solutions. SST’s ShotSpotter Flex™ is the leading gunfire alert and analysis solution for detecting gunshots and providing critical intelligence to give law enforcement agencies the detailed real-time data needed to investigate, analyze and prosecute gun-related crimes.


With more than 90 installations across the world, technology from SST enables measurable outcomes that contribute to reducing gun violence. 


Shotspotter + Current, powered by GE


ShotSpotter technology is embedded into CityIQ intelligent nodes from Current, powered by GE, that sits on any street light pole. Through its proprietary acoustic sensors and enterprise-grade software, ShotSpotter detects and locates gunfire in real time.


Alerts are then broadcast to 9-1-1 dispatch centers, patrol cars and even smartphones, with the precise location, number of rounds fired, multiple or single shooters, and other valuable situational intelligence. These alerts enable first responders to get on-scene quickly & safely in order to aid victims, collect evidence and quickly apprehend offenders.


Interested in advanced monitoring for your city? Contact us to learn more.

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