Partner Profile: Parquery

January 13, 2017

Deeper Parking and Mobility Insights from Camera Data.


Parquery uses deep learning and computer vision techniques to provide smart mobility operators with real-time information on parking, mobility flows, public transport occupancy and freight management operations.


Who is Parquery?


Founded in 2014, Parquery is a spin-off from ETH based in Zürich, Switzerland, with more than 30 customers worldwide. With their expertise in computer vision and deep learning, they offer real-time solutions for smart parking and mobility. In collaboration with industrial partners, Parquery has recently increased its portfolio in transportation and logistics, adding applications such as passenger counting in public transit, mobility flows in urban environments, and optimization of freight operations.


Parquery + Current, powered by GE


Parquery analyzes images from cameras embedded inside Current, powered by GE’s intelligent nodes, to provide real-time information to mobility operators and local authorities. Parquery delivers information via easy-to-integrate APIs accessible to all developers partnered with Current, powered by GE.


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