Partner Profile: Mowingo

December 6, 2016

Mobile Customer Engagement Platform Drives In-store Sales.




Who is Mowingo?


Mowingo provides retailers with mobile solutions that make it stunningly simple to engage customers, layering national and local interactions to drive loyalty and in-store sales. Whether Mowingo powers a brand’s existing app, or leverage its apps to build a solution just for you, Mowingo’s platform delivers in-store analytics, and raises mobile customer engagement, leading to improved business outcomes.


Mowingo + Current, powered by GE


Retailers use Mowingo to send the right promotion to the right customer, at the right time, at the right location. Now through Mowingo’s partnership with Current, powered by GE, retailers can go beyond GPS and Bluetooth Beacon location data with Current, powered by GE’s ultra precise Visual Light Communication indoor positioning data. This partnership enables the Mowingo platform to be delivered as a true SaaS solution, alleviating the need for on-premise hosting.


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