Partner Profile: CivicConnect

February 2, 2017

Providing Urban Mobility / Smart Cities Solutions.


CivicConnect provides the end user experience, platform and the analytics for urban mobility / smart city solutions.


Who is CivicConnect?


CivicConnect, leveraging its 15 years of experience, helps cities or regional agencies operate more efficiently by providing the CivicConnect platform, an open data management platform, and applications that enable smart cities.  We make it easier for citizens, visitors, and city workers to explore a city or region's civic resources and services. With an initial focus on urban mobility, our applications also make it easier and more efficient, sustainable and equitable for users to get from where they are to those resources.


The applications deliver a compelling user experience based on our CivicAR Aumented Reality offering. Reporting and analytics help cities and regional agencies better understand users, their priorities and needs.


CivicConnect + Current, powered by GE


Real-time data streamed from the infrastructure enabled by Current, powered by GE, will be ingested by the CivicConnect platform. This will enable applications built on the CivicConnect platform to deliver more compelling solutions for end users and city planners.


Contact us to learn more.


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