Customers in commercial and city settings will be able to choose specific capabilities that will help solve their unique challenges thanks to Current's growing list of partners.

  • Partner Profile: StreetLight Data

    Partner Profile: StreetLight Data

    Maximize the potential of your connected city’s sensor network. Use Big Data to understand travel patterns anywhere in your community.

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  • Partner Profile: VoicePark

    Partner Profile: VoicePark

    An integrative multi-feed platform providing motorists and autonomous vehicles precise guidance to the closest available on-street or off-street parking spot in real-time.

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  • Partner Profile: Soofa

    Partner Profile: Soofa

    Cities and businesses gain insights on where they might leverage solar powered benches for cellphone charging or solar-powered signage for context-specific messaging based on use of public space

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  • Partner Profile: SmartAppCity

    Partner Profile: SmartAppCity

    Bring together all the city services and information in one single app consisting of: arrival information on public transportation, traffic cameras, alerts, municipal events, open pharmacies, etc.

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  • Partner Profile: IPsens

    Partner Profile: IPsens

    IPSens offers a comprehensive parking data management solution designed to comply with open systems data protocols.

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  • Partner Profile: Smarking

    Partner Profile: Smarking

    Aggregate and mine transaction level data from parking systems to provide owners and managers of parking assets with holistic business intelligence software designed to optimize parking assets.

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  • Partner Profile: Parkopedia

    Partner Profile: Parkopedia

    Gain access to information on 38 million parking spots in over 75 countries. Find, reserve and pay for parking all at the click of a button online, on mobile, and in-car.

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  • Partner Profile: OpenDataSoft

    Partner Profile: OpenDataSoft

    Harness the power and potential of your data. Publish, share, and reuse Smart City data on an easy-to-use platform, and make them accessible to all audiences with intuitive visualization tools.

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  • Partner Profile: Cityzenith

    Partner Profile: Cityzenith

    Empower users with a simple way to make sense of the torrent of Big Data in cities, campuses, and buildings, revolutionizing the way we access, understand, and utilize building and infrastructure.

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  • Partner Profile: ParkiFi

    Partner Profile: ParkiFi

    Our convenient parking spot finder navigates drivers to open spaces, and recognizes when they arrive so that drivers only get charged for the time they actually park.

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  • Partner Profile: Nologis

    Partner Profile: Nologis

    Enable companies to create, edit, and style their map data allowing customers to easily identify and locate what they need.

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  • Partner Profile: IPgallery

    Partner Profile: IPgallery

    IPgallery develops holistic city services and citizen applications for improved efficiency, safety, resiliency, and citizen engagement pertaining to traffic, public transportation, air, and water.

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  • Partner Profile: RetailNext

    Partner Profile: RetailNext

    Retailers gain insights on how customers shop, their traffic patterns, how often and how long they visit, and more to influence store layout, staffing, and other factor to improve shopper experience.

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  • Partner Profile: Azavea

    Partner Profile: Azavea

    Improve civic life through geographic data analysis. While providing custom development, Azavea has also developed solutions to address common civic processes.

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  • Partner Profile: Signal360

    Partner Profile: Signal360

    Empower clients to communicate with their customers in contextually relevant ways, based on their physical location and place based engagement.

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  • Partner Profile: AssetWorks

    Partner Profile: AssetWorks

    Enable organizations to improve asset management and maintenance practices, streamline operations, and improve accountability for mission-critical assets.

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  • Partner Profile: SKULabs

    Partner Profile: SKULabs

    Manage orders, shipments, and inventory in one place. Location aware technology can save time when counting inventory or picking order items.

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  • Partner Profile: Cimetrics

    Partner Profile: Cimetrics

    Facility and asset owners get valuable, actionable insights into their operations from Analytika’s potent and proven expertise in connectivity, analytics, and advice.

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  • Partner Profile: Touchrate

    Partner Profile: Touchrate

    Provide transformational and personalized digital experiences to engage and assist shoppers through scalable in-store touch screen and mobile solutions.

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  • Partner Profile: VideoMining

    Partner Profile: VideoMining

    Patented sensing technologies fuel solutions for optimizing CPG Retail by capturing shopper behavior data and integrating it with transaction, planograms, product mapping, loyalty and promotions.

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