Customers in commercial and city settings will be able to choose specific capabilities that will help solve their unique challenges thanks to Current's growing list of partners.

  • Current Reaches Digital Lighting Milestones with 200 Million Square Feet of Wireless Controls & 100 New Partners

    Current Reaches Digital Lighting Milestones with 200 Million Square Feet of Wireless Controls & 100 New Partners

    GE’s digital energy startup has grown its app partner ecosystem more than tenfold over the past year, adding expertise across industries like commercial real estate, retail and industrial

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  • Our Purpose at Current, powered by  GE2:03

    Our Purpose at Current, powered by GE

    We energize people to see the unseen, revealing the potential of their environment.

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  • Partner Profile: AssetWorks

    Partner Profile: AssetWorks

    Enable organizations to improve asset management and maintenance practices, streamline operations, and improve accountability for mission-critical assets.

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  • Partner Profile: Azavea

    Partner Profile: Azavea

    Improve civic life through geographic data analysis. While providing custom development, Azavea has also developed solutions to address common civic processes.

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  • Partner Profile: Bolste

    Partner Profile: Bolste

    Bolste is a unified collaboration software platform providing all of the familiar collaboration tools a team needs for optimal alignment, increased productivity and cohesive, instant communication.

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  • Partner Profile: BreezoMeter

    Partner Profile: BreezoMeter

    The partnership between Current, powered by GE, and BreezoMeter provides analytics surrounding air quality to help refine city mapping and increase climate-change initiatives.

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  • Partner Profile: Cardinal Tracking

    Partner Profile: Cardinal Tracking

    Cardinal Tracking is a consulting firm which encompasses mobility development services and support with a focus on Public Safety and Parking Management solutions.

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  • Partner Profile: Celect

    Partner Profile: Celect

    Predictive analytics enable increased sales, margins and reduced markdowns by placing the right product, in the right place, at the right time, down to a specific location.

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  • Partner Profile: Cimetrics

    Partner Profile: Cimetrics

    Facility and asset owners get valuable, actionable insights into their operations from Analytika’s potent and proven expertise in connectivity, analytics, and advice.

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  • Partner Profile: Cityzenith

    Partner Profile: Cityzenith

    Empower users with a simple way to make sense of the torrent of Big Data in cities, campuses, and buildings, revolutionizing the way we access, understand, and utilize building and infrastructure.

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  • Partner Profile: CivicConnect

    Partner Profile: CivicConnect

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  • Partner Profile: CivicSmart

    Partner Profile: CivicSmart

    CivicSmart and Current, powered by GE, team up to provide an optimized parking enforcement solution that also enables cities to better understand on-street parking utilization.

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  • Partner Profile: Connecthings

    Partner Profile: Connecthings

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  • Partner Profile: Countlogic

    Partner Profile: Countlogic

    People make buildings dynamic. Sensors that count people provide dramatic building diagnostics and optimize the control of utilities - saving energy and enhancing the indoor environmental experience.

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  • Partner Profile: CrowdComfort

    Partner Profile: CrowdComfort

    Empowering the human side of the IoT through people and their smartphones. CrowdComfort's SaaS system geolocates requests within any building to better manage maintenance, safety, and comfort.

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  • Partner Profile: Enplug

    Partner Profile: Enplug

    Enplug allows businesses to communicate with their customers and employees in an engaging, beautiful, and visual format.

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  • Partner Profile: Genetec

    Partner Profile: Genetec

    Ubiquitous video streams from intelligent fixtures from Current, powered by GE, and Genetec’s IP video management software enhance public safety and help city officials respond more effectively.

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  • Partner Profile: iConnect

    Partner Profile: iConnect

    Bring simplicity, style, and mobility to the point of sale experience and help single and multi-location businesses sell more and better connect with their loyal customers.

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  • Partner Profile: INRIX

    Partner Profile: INRIX

    INRIX® and Current, powered by GE, create an intelligent parking solution to make finding a parking spot easier throughout your city.

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  • Partner Profile: Instapio

    Partner Profile: Instapio

    Create smart environments through an ambient intelligence engine combining location, digital, and sensory data.

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