Partner Profile: TallyGo

April 13, 2017

Intelligent Navigation and Parking with Real-time Traffic

TallyGo is at the forefront of the Smart City revolution with it's patented Navigation-as-a-Service (NaaS) which enables any company to embed a real-time navigation experience into their existing apps with virtually no development effort.


Who is TallyGo?


TallyGo began five years ago as a research project at USC, evaluating the accuracy of navigation apps using loop detector data. It turns out these apps are leaving a lot on the table. Our team built the first-ever intelligent routing layer for minute-level data as the protectable IP in TallyGo.


TallyGo + Current, powered by GE


Using the parking data provided by Current's CityIQ IoT platform, TallyGo enables people to seamlessly find available parking spots with turn-by-turn navigation as they approach their destination. With CityIQ's real-time traffic data, TallyGo enables people to see ultra-accurate traffic as green/yellow/red lines on the map, and intelligently routes users around congested segments to arrive at their destinations faster.


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