Partner Profile: Connecthings

March 8, 2017

Mobile Engagement Powered by Smart City Physical Networks

Connecthings' global Internet of Public Things platform allows all existing mobile applications to plug in and reach all users in range of the beacon network - worldwide.


Who is Connecthings?


Connecthings operates the largest global network of beacons in public spaces (130,000+), and transforms passive points of contact and locations including street furnitures, train stations, airports and more into smart, connected objects communicating with the smartphones of citizens and visitors alike.  Connecthings' Internet of Public Things platform contextualizes the beacon network to send the right information at the right time to mobile users - on all or parts of the beacon network, worldwide.  Any mobile application can easily plug onto the beacon network and engage with their users while on the move.


Connecthings + Current, powered by GE


The partnership between Connecthings and Current, powered by GE, enables a stronger citizen-oriented data focus by combining real-time sensor data from CityIQ's intelligent nodes with activities of mobile users while on the move in the city.  Residents and visitors will then easily access real-time information they need on a daily basis including transportation and mobility services, public services, and local commerces. In return, data usage analysis will improve public safety, citizen engagement and local economic development.


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