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September 2, 2014

Westbrook Corporate Center

Our Customer

The Westbrook Center campus, operated in Westchester, Ill., by Arden Realty Inc., comprises 1 million square feet throughout five towers of office space. It offers such amenities as a conference center, health club, day care facility and food and beverage options, including an on-site Starbucks. Plagued with tenant complaints and costly maintenance bills, Arden Realty invested in an upgrade of both HVAC and lighting systems.


The Expectation

Tenants of Westbrook experienced similar issues and wanted to replace the outdated and inefficient lighting systems while reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption. Owners of the Westbrook Corporate Center faced the challenge of scheduling the upgrades, so they would not disturb the tenants during business hours. Trane and GE Lighting collaborated on ideas and solutions for Westbrook to accomplish its mission of improving the working environment for their diverse group of tenants.


Our Solution

In the rooms chosen for lighting retrofits, GE installed T8 linear fluorescent lamps, which replaced traditional fluorescent fixtures and are now combined with improved ballasts for even greater energy efficiency. Conference rooms, which previously featured older T8 and T12 lighting, now have GE's Lumination™ BT Series Recessed LED Troffers. The new lighting solution is expected to last 10-15 years, increasing lighting reliability and decreasing costs due to predictive maintenance. 

“The GE team was clearly driven to lower energy use. The best way we found to do that is always looking at both HVAC and lighting as a combined solution,” said Dan Brandolino, solutions sales lead with Chicago-West Michigan Trane. “We expect to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings.”

Lumination BT Series Troffers Westbrook


Results & Benefits

With work primarily being done on weekends to avoid tenant disruption, installation in the 30-story buildings was completed in four months. 

The new LED lighting fixtures significantly reduced energy consumption and made the rooms more inviting for tenants. 

The positive results from the GE–Trane upgrade has encouraged Arden Realty to renovate some additional areas of Westbrook—including conference rooms and exterior lighting—with GE LED lighting solutions for even greater savings. 

Tenants and customers in the Westbrook Corporate Center now can work and play in greater comfort and an improved energy-efficient atmosphere thanks to the collaboration between GE Lighting and Trane expected to yield significant energy savings each year.

Explore what's possible with smart LED and other technologies for commercial offices with Current, powered by GE.

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