Planet or Profit - You Can Have Both

September 13, 2016

Demonstrating that corporations no longer have to choose between ‘profit and planet', Current has delivered a cash-positive lighting infrastructure upgrade for the UK business of global banking institution Santander.


Operating an international network of nearly 13,000 branches, and serving 117 million customers, Santander is committed to stringent carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets, as well as the highest levels of employee wellbeing. The new lighting solution for the offices and branches had to meet a number of performance criteria and expectations: optimum lighting levels for each distinct working environment, adaptive and controllable functionality, improved energy efficiency, future proof design and minimal disturbance of day-to-day operations during installation.


As the UK’s biggest ever fully-funded LED lighting retrofit, the project sees 90,000 new lights installed across the bank’s UK estate of 800 branches and 13 office buildings. Providing a full scope solution, Current will deliver lighting services throughout the 10-year contract, which includes optimized system design, installation, maintenance and management. The project is to be delivered using a cash-positive financing model.


The model includes a substantial investment of £17.5 million by the UK Green Investment Bank plc and Sustainable Development Capital Limited, making it the biggest LED-financing package the UK has ever seen.


Results and Benefits
Santander lighting infrastructure upgrade delivers energy savings of more than 50% and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than 7,000 tonnes annually. It also guarantees low maintenance, a more comfortable, intelligent, adaptive working environment and a future proof solution.

Current by GE is helping Santander to reach its energy efficiency target through its outstanding and innovative offerings accompanied by customized financial solutions. Bringing a more enhanced environment to their offices and buildings is a key achievement.

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