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September 2, 2013

GE Albeo LED Weber State Gym

Our Customer

When assessing a potential energy-saving project, the WSU Energy & Sustainability Office looks at other institutions' solutions for ideas. But there were no examples to consider when an analysis of campus energy use revealed that HID lighting at the Dee Events Center in Ogden, Utah, was one of the single biggest power hogs.


The Expectation

“Month after month when the electric bill came for the Dee Events Center, all we could do was cringe and pay,” said Jacob Cain, WSU Energy & Sustainability Manager. 

GE offered WSU an LED high bay fixture that is commonly used for warehouse applications. The university's energy team ordered one for analysis, testing its capabilities for this unique setting. The team measured its distribution of light, dimming capabilities, and net change in weight applied to the lighting scheme known as the cloud at the home of WSU's men's and women's basketball. A mounting system was designed and fabricated, and then the single unit was hung for review by the athletics department. 


Our Solution

Upon approval, 80 of GE's Albeo ABHX-Series high bay lighting fixtures were installed, replacing 100 HID fixtures and requiring special attention to timing so it would not interrupt activities on the court.


Results & Benefits

The new LED high bay lighting produces more than 200 foot candles, or the amount of light that falls on a given surface – double that of NCAA requirements for courts. The original lighting produced dim spots on the court, and foot candles ranged from 60-150 depending on location, Cain said. 

In addition to considerable energy savings, the Albeo ABHX-Series increases the ability for special effects because the LEDs instantly illuminate with no buzz or flickering and can be dimmable and adjustable in nine zones throughout the arena. 

Additionally, the LED lighting fixtures significantly diminish maintenance needs in difficult-to-reach areas, including those at arenas where swapping bulbs requires special equipment and trained personnel. The Albeo ABHX-Series' life is rated for 100,000 hours at L70, or at least 70 percent of the initial light output. The HID lamps they replaced last a fraction of that time. 

“The new high bay lighting gives us brighter light with fewer fixtures, and we spend less money on energy,” Cain said. “Now that's something we welcome and our teams and fans can appreciate.”


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