Major energy savings for an iconic retailer

March 30, 2017

Like their customers, many off-price retailers are always looking for ways they can cut costs and drive up savings—which means being smart about their facilities. In fact, the world’s largest off-price retailer challenged us to deploy a cost-effective, reliable, and unique system to meet the energy efficiency standards set in California—which is home to over 100 of their locations.


We accepted the challenge.


Meet LightSweep™—our modular and scalable wired lighting control system. And the solution the customer was looking for.

retailer energy saving goals


With simple on/off switching capabilities, as well as timed dimming controls, LightSweep allows the retail chain to correlate light levels to the time of day or operational hours.


The system is also fully integrated throughout the retailer’s California locations. So not only are they able exchange data and commands with additional building control systems in CA stores, but they can gain insight into their total energy use—which leads to greater overall efficiency.

retail deploys lightsweep to over 100 california locations


As for the locations outside of California, we simply installed a panel in each store’s electrical room—no remodeling of existing systems or spaces needed. This gives the operator complete control over their store’s lighting levels.


The results? So far, more than [300 stores] have added LightSweep—so the retailer is well on their way to building an intelligent environment at its sites.

iconic retailer lightsweep savings

They’ve saved over $2.7 million in annual energy costs—paying back the investment in a little over a year (just over two years for California’s more sophisticated system).


This is just the retailer’s first step towards creating a smart store. In the future, they’ll be able to build on their investment with other sensors and controls—which will enable them to optimize everything from energy to queue lines to merchandising and inventory.


But for now, the off-price retailer can enjoy real savings that go way beyond the checkout counter.


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