GE Starts Energy-Efficiency Movement at University of the Sciences

February 4, 2016

GE Albeo Fixtures in University of the Sciences' Gym

Our Customer

Home to a variety of athletic and non-athletic events, the University of Sciences' gymnasiums are almost always in use—even when school is out of session. When the old light fixtures burned out, relamping was a time-consuming, expensive process, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to coordinate facility shutdowns for this.


The Expectation

The university was spending nearly $10,000 per year in maintenance costs, and the facilities department was tasked with finding a solution to reduce this annual expense. Its leaders determined that new lighting in both gyms had to be low maintenance, have a long life expectancy, as well as reduce energy load and the carbon footprint of the school. 

Previously, their lighting system's maintenance was tedious. Relamping typically required five days' work, three maintenance personnel and a lift. However, in order to move the lift into the gym, the doors to the facility had to be removed and plywood had to be placed on floors. Additionally, that much weight on the floating floor of the gym could damage the facility itself and present safety issues for workers.


The Solution

University of Sciences was looking to retrofit their high-intensity discharge (HID) gym fixtures with a turnkey solution. Grainger worked with GE and together they provided an ideal solution with GE's Albeo LED high bay fixtures

GE replaced 1000-watt metal halide fixtures with Albeo LED high bay fixtures at 479 watts. In total, 15 fixtures were installed in the small gym and 27 were installed in the large gym.


Results & Benefits LED facility university of the sciences

The facilities department plays an integral role in the overall energy efficiency initiatives of the university. Although the project was initiated due to high maintenance costs, the solution met all the requirements of the University of Sciences. 

“As a science-based school, it's important that we set the standard and be a part of the energy efficiency movement throughout our campus,” said James Pettus, assistant director of facilities. “The new lighting appeals to everyone. Students comment that the gyms are brighter and the university is enjoying energy and maintenance savings.” 

Grainger coordinated a PECO utility rebate that is expected to save the university more than $20,000 for the entire project. With potential energy savings of $10,587 per year, the new LED high bay lighting not only improves the quality of light, but
helps save money. 

“It's a win-win situation for us,” said Pettus. “We can host events in our gyms without maintenance interruptions, all while reducing our energy load and carbon footprint.”

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