Day Two of Lightfair 2017 Underscores the Importance of IoT & Intelligent Environments

May 11, 2017

It’s been an exciting week of new discoveries, connectivity, knowledge, and solutions here at Lightfair 2017 in Philadelphia.  In between booth tours, speaking sessions, and agent trainings, Current, powered by GE has been busy showcasing how we can unlock increased and new sources of ROI and productivity through updated lighting technology.


Here at the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting conference, we’ve made waves with two big announcements. 


First, we have expanded our development partner ecosystem to more than 100 companies.  Our Daintree wireless control networks are now installed across locations spanning 200 million square feet of space in commercial buildings, retail stores, and industrial facilities.


Second, we are paving the way for future digital lighting innovation by expanding our reveal® TriGain™ technology offering across our popular Lumination Series of energy-efficient LEDs, offering a significant opportunity for customers particularly in the retail space.


But, with these exciting digital innovations, comes the need to create an intelligent world where all connected devices and technologies work together to drive operational efficiencies, improved business outcomes, and new revenue streams.


This is where Current, powered by GE, shines.


During a Wednesday speaking session, Deron Miller, Current's Chief Revenue Officer, spoke about the importance of IoT and the need to create intelligent environments to remain competitive in our increasingly connected world (pictured above).


There are 5.6 million commercial buildings in the United States alone.  Just the number of lighting fixtures that can be connected inside and around these buildings creates multiple – if not endless – opportunities to impact and optimize the business occupying the space.


As noted by Miller during the session, Current builds energy efficiency through our LED technologies.  Sensors and software turn LED systems into digital infrastructure that illuminates space and brings valuable insights to light.


Our sensor-enabled network is open, works with our customers’ existing infrastructure, and feeds into our industrial IoT platform, Predix. By establishing an intelligent environment, we connect our customers’ assets, harness data and analytics to get them insights, and help them determine how and when to optimize energy spend, gain savings, and improve processes.


Stay tuned for additional Lightfair conference takeaways!


Read more about unlocking the potential of intelligent environments.


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