Partner Profile: TrackVia

January 31, 2017

Real-Time Visibility and Control. 


TrackVia next-generation low-code platform empowers stores to rapidly configure modern web and mobile apps to better track, monitor and streamline critical operational processes. Reduce costs and streamline processes with real-time, accurate data at your fingertips. 



Who is TrackVia?



TrackVia provides a faster, more agile alternative to heavy and complex BPM, Supply Chain or ERP systems, allowing businesses to gain greater real-time insight and control over their operational data, processes and collaborations in a highly configurable and scalable cloud solution. A modern low-code application platform, TrackVia can be rapidly configured with drag-and-drop speed to meet precise operational requirements, allowing businesses to better track, monitor and streamline everything from inventory and asset management to field services and supply chain management.



TrackVia + Current, powered by GE



TrackVia has partnered with Current, powered by GE, to give store owners and operators real-time insight and control over in-store data, activity, and collaborations to dramatically reduce costs and increase process efficiencies. Data collected through Current's intelligent infrastructure is processed by TrackVia to give executives, managers, and frontline workers the ability to better monitor, report and act on everything from inventory levels, asset or equipment usage and location, customer or employee tracking, shipping and receiving activity, and more. This mobile and web solution easily connects with your existing corporate systems to provide business intelligence across your operations, improving efficiency and productivity. 



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