Partner Profile: Serraview

December 6, 2016

Utilization Data Powering the Modern Workplace.




Who is Serraview?


Serraview is a leading provider of office space management and utilization software among Fortune 1000 companies. Serraview is dedicated to portfolio optimization and aiding with the journey to the modern workplace and the employee experience through our cloud-based software. Our clients have saved millions of dollars off their bottom line with Serraview through space optimization; and contributed to top line productivity benefits by helping them move to modern working environments. Serraview's technology drives change for companies and their buildings to be smarter, more efficient and more effective. With the changing workforce and workplace, it is important to continue to understand how office space is managed and how employees use the space. Serraview uses utilization data and analysis in new ways in order to help clients continue to reshape their workplace to be more cost effective, productive, and environmentally friendly. 


Serraview + Current, powered by GE


Serraview’s cloud-based workplace management platform is paired with real-time occupancy data from Current, powered by GE’s intelligent lighting system to help businesses better visualize their space utilization and make smarter decisions on real estate needs. The collaboration also saves employees time navigating a building by turning on real-time wayfinding tools. Sensors in Current, powered by GE’s intelligent LED lighting fixtures scan building spaces and send real-time insights on what rooms and offices are being used to the Serraview workplace management system. Serraview’s kiosk and mobile apps then use this data to provide just-in-time wayfinding tools for employees, helping them find available desks and conference rooms. Serraview’s business analytics tools, including high-quality visualization tools such as charts and heat-map floor plans, allow corporate property teams to compare space allocations to measured workplace utilization. 


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