Partner Profile: Motionloft

May 1, 2016

Pedestrian and Vehicle Counts for Your Properties.

crosswalk with people walking

Retail, commercial property and municipal customers gain insights on pedestrian and vehicle traffic in real time, delivering information on when and where people are within a facility or city, plus the ability to communicate actionable information.



Who is Motionloft?


As a leader in the physical world analytics space, Motionloft delivers a solution for the collection, delivery and analysis of how people move about the world. Servicing transportation and economic development agencies, property owners and developers, as well as global brand retailers, Motionloft data delivers unique insights into location performance. Motionloft's real-time dashboard translates internal and external activity into actionable business intelligence, empowering its customers across cities and industries.



Motionloft + Current, powered by GE


The Motionloft and Current, powered by GE, partnership exponentially increases the coverage and value of data collected through GE intelligent lighting sensors. Motionloft's data analytics applications are able to consume intelligent lighting sensor data - made available through the Predix open platform - and make data actionable. By growing the Motionloft data network and enriching the data sources available, Motionloft and Current will bring meaningful insights to a city that improve the citizen and consumer experience of living, working and visiting cities.


Interested in real-time pedestrian and vehicle traffic insights? Contact us to learn more.

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