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September 2, 2013


Our Customer

Founded in 1897, San Diego State University (SDSU) is a public research university with 34,000 students enrolled at its California campus. Well recognized for its innovative research, SDSU also strongly supports an initiative to make “sustainability an everyday part of the university culture.” Recently SDSU went in search of an energy-efficient lighting education, instituting GE LED Lighting Fixtures to help improve energy efficiency by 50 percent in classrooms. Additionally, the upgrade helped to improve student experience with a more open, spacious environment created from crisp, white ambient lighting.


The Expectation

SDSU strives to be an environmentally responsible institution by implementing programs "to increase its energy efficiency, reduce its water consumption and institute 'green' practices where possible." According to Jeffrey Herr, SDSU facility services, "The pressure to squeeze costs and operate responsibly while still maintaining a world-class learning environment has never been greater." 

To help reach its goal, the university partnered with GE's Lighting business to outfit classrooms in three buildings with LED recessed troffers.


Our Solution

GE's 2'x2' recessed Lumination ET Series LED Luminaires were installed in interactive classrooms in the Adams Humanities Building and in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies. The university also constructed a new 3,000-square-foot anatomy lab using GE's LED lighting fixtures that produce a perfectly even glow when lit, but appear completely free of a visible light source while off.


Results & Benefits

"We're seeing about a 50 percent energy improvement in rooms where we replaced old fluorescent lighting fixtures with Lumination LED troffers for classroom lighting. Students have also commented that the classrooms feel more open and spacious since the switch," Herr added. 

"Overall it was a hassle-free transition from fluorescent and something we hope to replicate in other areas across campus in the years ahead."


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